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I'm sorry you had to lose such a dear friend, but at least you were there with her til the end. About a year and a half after I moved out of my mom's house she called and told me that Whitney was sick (my first dog ever, and best friend for 13 years). I was at work, but told her to call me if anything changed, as she was already an elderly dog.

The next day I called, since my mother hadn't called me back, and I learned that not only did Whitney have to be put down, and no one called me to be there, but a friend of the family was with her when she went... no one, not my brothers, sister or mother could stand it enough to say their final goodbyes. It haunts me that I couldn't be there for her, and that no one in her family was there to send her off into the afterlife...

I know how hard it is to lose a pet, especially when you've grown almost dependant on seeing them everyday, but I hope it won't hurt as much later on...
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