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Well, I see Tim and Julie had puppies, and puppy posts are still allowed on ssnakess. So, without furhter adoo, guess what - Sarge produced puppies!!!

The story.....

As I had said, everything was against us for attending the Red Deer show.

One of the many obsticals, was, we had Sarge puppies on the way.

Shadow, our female dane from Kodiak lines was bred to Sarge, from Sheboan lines, a line of true boar hunting hound Great Danes bred in Germany since the Old World Mastiff. Sarge, himself, is the uncontested largest dog in Canada,

So, less than 2 hours into the trip (9:00 Friday morning), my mom calls, to let us know Shadow was having puppies. My mother was under the weather at the time, but camped out at the house with Shadow (We took Sarge to the Kennels the day earlier).

5 puppies were born, all looking like both parents (which means their genetics are pure and true). One had a cleft pallet (could be genetic) and was culled by a good friend of mine (the one he and his future wife had picked) The second one they picked (Curtis and Tara for those of you who know them), was laid on and smothedred by Shadow, the next day - and didnt' make it. We've had worse trouble when we had kittens - surivival of the fittest is sometimes a good thing. They decided not to jinx things, and wait till the next litter to pick one. I'm still paranoid she will lay on another, but they are now much larger and stronger.

So, we have 2 males and 1 female. The one that looks most like Sarge, and is by far the largest dog - is going to go live with Henry P. and family. If any dog has the chance to be bigger than Sarge, it is this puppy - I can't wait to watch it grow to 200 lbs.

Everyone wants a male like Sarge, the female of the litter, which looks like Shadow, is yet unspoken for. We hope to have another litter some time next year as well - and Shadow is being a really good mommy dog right now - so I expect that will go well.

I will get some pictures on here tommorrow - I love puppies!!!

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