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Red Deer show acquisitions

Here are some of the snakes we picked up from the show.

2 female salmons poss het albino, produced by Big Dan - these weren't pick of the litter, but they are looking pretty nice if you ask me.

As soon as I got to the show, Dan said "Ryan, you should take this boa"
I was gonna say "o.k, thanks" and walk off with it. But I did come back and get it the next day.
It is a Male striped surinam boa.

And then finally, we picked up 4 of mo's really pink male boas. We didn't get them till Sunday, by which time some even nicer ones were picked up - but we are quite happy with the 4 we found.

I should have gotten some tarantula's, that way Walter and my post would have been even more similar. The guy has taste in snakes.

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