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Hi and welcome to snakes!! I'd say get a corn snake, but I"m partial to corns. lol. I also have some ball pythons, a kenyon sand boa, a hognose, and hopefully soon a pair of pueblan milks. But dont' just take my word for it. I've only been into snakes since May. Wanted some for years but hubby was too afraid. He finally gave in so watch out now!! lol.
I'd say the corn is the best feeder, will take f/t food from the get go and my three have never refused a meal, even in shed. They are super friendly and very tallerant of begginers when it comes to handling, housing, heating, ect. They don't get too big, Mostly around 4 feet or under, but if your real lucky you can get a 5 footer. My biggest adult is 4feet 3 inches.
But you have to figure out what you are looking for in a snake. I'd say check these out for beginner snakes. You can go to and search for care sheets for these snakes. They are mostly beginners. Keep in mind that some are not as easy feeders as others, like some balls.

Begginer snakes.
Corns (and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Awesome snakes. )
milk snakes, (also come in many different colors and subspecies.)
ball python
rosey boa
kenyon sand boa

I'm sure there are many more beginner snakes out there and someone with more experience will come along and fill you in. But that should get you started.

Good luck.
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