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Originally posted by munchy
lol how bout his "jigga" that he uses for pinning venomous snakes? that stick he smashes down on the back of their neck. it looks like their may be some sort of padding on the bottom of the stick (cant really tell for sure) but the way he just forces the stick down so fast and hard on the back of the head/neck cant be good either way.
It doesn't look to forceful when he uses his "jigga", there have been countless times where the snakes wiggle their way out from under it.

I agree with invictus aboout Rob free handling the inland taipans(sp?), it's quite irresponsible and stupid, but Rob certainly knows a lot about his reptiles and is a lot more interesting to watch than Steve. All in all it's a great show, I watch it everynight.
..Soo...this is life...wasn't what i expected but who am I to complain?
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