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Restrained myself a lot - was so much available - it was very tempting

Corns from Mark Isbell
perfect snow motley female corn

anery striped girl

very nice light hypo male (het amel and anery) - will go great with my ghosts and coral snows

got these a few weeks before - but they are from Mark too - so they sort of count - 1.3 amel striped corns

and the hondos
from Classic - High Water Herps (many thanks to Jim - jwsporty for getting her to me) the most beautiful tangerine honduran I have ever seen - she is so much better in person than her pics!

lastly - arrived a few days before the show from Jeff Favelle
albino hondo girl who is already settled right in and feeding great

A great show in Red Deer as always
mary v.
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