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Here are some of the stuff I got at the show.

Beautiful lavender female from the man himself (gonesnakee). Got it in trade after two years of yearning for them.

An amazing looking chocolate striped calking. This snake is what Davis Co. dreams are made of. lol. Thanks a bunch Jim (jwsporty), who btw, had an amazing collection of calkings. Some of the best I've seen in Canada.

Not pictured is a beautiful male Taiwan Beauty and a pair of '04 calkings (het choc/albino) from Ken (Invictus). Thanks man! All three were lil riley during pic taking. That's it for snakes. Onto the arachnids.

Not an Emperor scorp, but an Asian Forest Scorp (Heterometrus spinifer). Just as big and almost as weak venomed but 10 times more fiesty!

3 Centruroides vittatus scorplings. Cute as hell! Thanks to Arachnophiliacs.

Adult Centruroides gracilis from Arachnophiliacs.

Also unpictured is a spiderling Aphonopelma seemani from, you guessed it, Arachnophiliacs!

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