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Cool Red Deer Show Spoils - Post yours.

Here are the reasons I came home from the show with very little cash in my pockets.

First it was Mark IsBell's table. It's a great place to go if you like top notch colubrids but a bad place to go if you like keeping your money! lol

Het Ghost Female:

Normal Striped Female:

Striped Snow Male:

And a male Grey Banded Kingsnake:

Then I gave most of my money to Kyle Kunimoto for the 3 KILLER Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons. Kyle is a great guy with some GREAT animals. I'm sure I'll be doing business with him again in the next while.


Female 1:

Female 2:

I tried my best not to give Jeff Favelle ANY money... EVER but he finally got the best of me! LOL

Het Albino Male Honduran:

Het Albino Female Honduran:

I'll just warn anyone considering doing business with Jeff; If you're buddies with him, he'll send you the CRAZY snakes! LOL These two hondos are NUTS! But they are also gorgeous and as healthy as can be. Thanks Jeff!

A last minute purchase from Darwin's Oasis: (Thanks guys! )

Het Hypo Male Honduran:

I can't remember who I got these from but I am so glad I found them. I LOVE South Florida Kingsnakes!

Female 1:

Female 2:

I picked up this little, or not so little hatchling from Katt:

Female Mexican Black Kingsnake:

Thanks to everyone for letting me leave the building with such nice animals. Most of them have already eaten for me (no Mark, not the GB! LOL). I look forward to watching them grow.
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