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Originally posted by marisa

What does their bite feel like?????

It hurts!! lol. But hedgehogs rarely bite. I'd rather handle a hedgie than a hamster any day! You also learn to know your hedgehog just like you would your snake or lizard, and you will learn how to sence if he is going to bite and moving them around on your hands often stops this reaction. Usually they will only bite if they smell something that they think is food. They have poor eyesight. Or they will sometimes bite when they are extremely scared. But I have only gotten bit by my male once and after this I learned to watch his nose and I could tell if he was contemplating biting and just move him around and he was fine, he still popped but did not bite. My female however was super tame and loved to come out and play. My daughter was 2 when we first got our girl and she was so great even she could handle her.
Hope the picture works. It's from a geocities site. My daughter, at 2, curly locks and all. She is holding our beloved female Bella. R.I.P
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