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Originally posted by MartinW
He's so cute Deb!!! How long do they live for? Are they hard to take care of? Are they spikey or do they just look like that?

P.S. hope the leos are doing/breeding well.

Hey Martin, how's it going? Leos are doing great! I want to get some update pics soon and I'll have to email you one of Caesar, man is he a big boy now, you wouldn't believe he was the same little baby you sold me. lol The girls were having a bit of a hard time near the end of the season but are now putting the beef back on, than god! They had me scared for a bit, but it was their first year an rather stressfull on them.
As for hedgies. I have read they can live up to 10 years in captivity but when I had mine a few years back My oldest lived to be a little over 4 and I heard that was about the life span back then. She died of kidney failure and her teeth were actually starting to fall out as well. Vet said it was old age. If the people were telling the truth when I got her she was only around 4, if not then she could have been older.
Hedgies are awesome pets and really easy to take care of. They can even be litter trained in their cage and out. Cat litter, not the clumping kind and one with little dust. Aspen bedding a hide, a blankie (not neccessary but my hedgies loved it , just an old face cloth or soemthing with your sent on it. It helps them get to know your sent faster.) A water dish and food dish. A few mealies and some low fat or weight control Iams cat food or hedgie hog food. They can also have lots of different treats too. 1/4 tsp. of cottage cheese should also be mixed in with wet cat food a couple times a week and the dry food helps keep their teeth clean and gums free of disease. (like cats) Some hedgies also like crickets, never had silkies or butters around to try so I'm not sure about them, but they will also take fruits and vegies, and nuts and berries. Also cooked hamberger or chicken was a frav. of my last hedgies.
They are cleaner than rats and I love my rats. lol.

Yes, they are picky. Their quills will not come out unless they are sick or pulled out which could hurt them. They are not picky like a porcupine though. They are a bit picky but easy enough to get used of. I think it's funny when they pop in your hands. They actually make a popping noise when scared and bounce in your hand trying to pick you. It's just a defence and doesn't hurt if you know how to handle them. I had a male that was very wild. He bit, popped, you name it. lol, but I still held him. His name was Tinker but we called him Stinker most of the time. Still miss that little hog!

But I"m happy to have this little boy. My daughter (9) wants to name him Snowball. What do you all think. I dont' usually change their names when I get them from someone else but his name is Piper and I already have a Piper in the house, could get confusing. lol.

Thanks again everyone for all the comments. We are really happy with him. And thanks so much Danielle for parting with him.
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