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I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, I didn't want to fill my memory card up too early.

Took these pictures Friday night

Jon Kendrick came to the room to see the 2 snakes we had

Then went to their room to see their animals.

I took lots of pictures of Coreys balls back in their motel room.

I'd never gotten to see a pied without glass blocking my view before.

I'm not a ball python person, but these snakes Corey had were very pretty, some of the nicest looking snakes I'd ever seen.

Saturday Morning, Walter found himself showing off how he can hold our Anaconda without getting bit (same snake strikes at me through a pillowcase for some reason).

Here you see him reaching for a mini hook to tame the beast.

Sunday at the end of show, a few invited vendors came to do the retic group shot. I hope someone else posts better pictures of this, I am unhappy with my shots with flash under the metal halide lighting. Had to lighten them a bit, and they got grainy.

Mo, Tim, Colin, Katt, Laura, can't remember his name, Kyle, not remembering name, One Armed Dan, and Mark - oh, and Pandora

Ken and Erin joined in

Mo, in his anemic, lack of burger dizzy state - had trouble controling the tame Pandoras head

I know there were lots of people taking pictures of the show, I'd love to see them posted here.

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