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Red Deer Show pics

Here ya go peeps.

The day before the madness. Photo evidence of Mo "working".

It begins. A constant flow of people right up til the end of the day.

A corner of SCALES Zoo's display sans Elvira's fans.

Arctic Circle Herp Supply.

Corey Woods.

Insectopia aka "The Butterfly Hunter"

Otis, the rehabbed Great Horned Owl displayed by Medicine River Wildlife.

Now on to the animals.

Animal #1 "Dr. Mo"

Animal #2, Mark Isbell

A Candid Crannie aka Tim Cranwill

Like the display containers Tim!

Kuminoto Reptiles.

A very disturbed Gino aka Dragons and Balls.

Gino and Larea were very unpleasant ()and denied me the privilege of showing of their cool shirts. In the background is Larea, being coy.

More animal pics.

Animal #? Invictus

The beautiful, RedDragon (Erin), smiling in her sleep, satisfied. Told you guys the show rocked!

On to what a show's all about. DELI CUPS!!

Niagara Reptiles.

Beautiful Freckled monitors. Sadly, the only monitors at the show.

Dan Uromevic aka "Friday Night Entertainment"

jwsporty aka Jim of Capital Colubrids. A hit with the kids.

Capital Colubrids.

Some of Darwin's Oasis's beautiful Pituophis. A Blizzard and Albino Sonoran gophers.

vanderkm aka Mary. Was a pleasure talking colubrids with you. Keep up the good work!

Poecilotheria metallica displayed by Arachnophiliacs. Thanks for "The Plague" guys!



Darwin's Oasis.

Darwin's Oasis.

Richard Welter's Amazon Basin.

One of Richard's amazing "Amazons"

And last but not least, the one snake I'm dying to give my right arm for. A ghost Sonoran Gopher.
The Herp Room

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