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I gotta thank a ton of people for the great time this weekend. A big thanks and hug to Walter and Bonnie. Vendors were treated EXTREMELY well by these two and the show was great!!

A big thanks to Ryan and Sheila. We wouldn't have been able to go without those two.

A big thanks to Ken and Erin (Invictus/TheRedDragon).

Thanks to Mark for KILLER ANIMALS!! Top notch stock! Moe for a great deal! And to Richard Welter for his amazing animals. I can't wait to post pics and show how great the animals I received from these guys are!

Special thanks to Corey Woods, Courier Extrordinaire.

I'd like to thank the gentleman from whom I bought a grey rat from. Thanks Sir I have realized a dream!

And thanks to everyone I met and didn't talk enough to, but most especially Big Dan for the best nightly entertainment in Red Deer.

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