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Originally posted by Linds
LOL cute little bugger, congrats on finding your way back in to hedgies

I have quite limited experience with them, we had them in the store for a few months, and my cousin used to have them. Hers used to spit on me, lick it up, then spit on itself My cousin said that it liked the way I smelled and wanted to put my smell on it??? Is there truth to that or... ???
lol. I forgot about their self anointing. From what I have read no one is quite sure why they do this. This was many years ago. I'll have to check into it again, maybe they have figured it out by now.
But these are some possible reasons... when coming across a new object (usually food) they will do this not sure if they absorb nutrients through the skin. It may be to attract the oposite sex ( now that would be funny if that were the case with you. lol) or it may be they are doinf it to protect themselvs from what they see as a preditor. It is also thought that they may do this because it moistens their skin.
So any of the above could be possible. I never got anointed by adults but my babies did it a couple times.
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