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Wow! An earlobes impressive... I eat my dead skin, I'm sure that over the years the volume of skin's amounted to an ear... not the same though.

I wash pig barns with a power washer and poo-poo spray's a big part of the job. The solid stuff that gets stuck in a corner's not that bad, I just spit it out. The worst part is when you squirt the water strait down into the pit and the liquid manure splashes up, the taste of feces, urine and maggots takes for ever to leave.

The most discuting (sp) thing I've ever eaten rotton water melon. I had a water melon that was just a tad soft and figured I could just cut out the bad part, like with a potato or apple. Turns out it doesn't work with water melon. I have a very good gag responce (I never gag) but I actually puked over the melon.
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