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New babies!!!

Thanks to Danielle (Dani33) and her hubsband for driving all the way out to my place to drop off some awesome little critters. Hope they are just as happy with thier guys.
I know have Piper the albino hadgehog, sweet pea a beautiful wood turtle, a very sweet little kenyon sand boa, and my first but definately not my last (lol) hognose snake. I'll get pictures up later. Want them to settle in nicely. And the ksb is in shed right now.

Thanks again Dani33. They are awesome! Love piper. I got him out roamin about an hour after you left. He seems to love his little blankie too. Can't wait for him to get more used to me, I'm so happy to have another hedgie in my life again. I hope you are just as satisfied with your little guys.
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