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I would suggest that you mention that many boa and pythons stay relitively small and are great for bigginers. Some that come to mind are spotted/childrens python, ball pythons rosy boas and sand boas. Also, there are several pythons (angolans, womas, blackheads and bunches more) that demand such exorberant prices that only the most dedicated of herpers would consider purchasing them. Perhaps you could talk him down to only banning burms, retics and rock pythons as well as boas (the genus, not the family). 'Reptiles Magizine' (Jan. '99) lists the best 5 beginner snakes, #2 is the Ball Python, #3 is the boa constrictor, #5 is the rosy boa and the Kenyan Sand Boa and carpet python get honerable mentian. Boas / Pythons make up 5/7 best bigginer snakes, that might be something to bring up. I can send you scans if you don't have access to this issue.

Good job so far and good luck with your meeting.


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