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Few Suggestions Needed!

Ok, after alot of thinking, and discussion with the other half...and to much drooling over Richard Welter, and Jeff Favelle, and Tonys collections of Aboreal Snakes, Me and my G/f have pretty much decided we want to get into Breeding Emeralds. Now we already have two ABSOLUTELY STUNNING snakes a 1.1 pair pictured below Male


now i understand this in terms of quantity of breeding stock is a joke compared to the breeders i've mentioned above, but We gotta start somewhere, and first things coming up with a company name! this is where i turn to you guys...Looking for suggestions! don't be shy, and just post your ideas!!! I'm in the process of designing my website, and a buisness card, although this "company" wont be lifted off the ground for some time (gotta save my money to increase "My Green Army" Jeff).

So lets hear all your ideas!

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