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What I hate about UPS is that they have to hold the item(s) at their facility until the customs inspector makes his rounds, sometimes only once a week. Makes for extra waiting time. My last package came from eastern US entered Canada in Winnipeg (was held a week), was mistakeningly sent to UPS in Calgary prior clearing customs, had to be shipped back to Winnipeg to do so & then returned to Calgary to be delivered to me (2 weeks after first arriving in country, overnight my @ss LOL). Apparrently if if doesn't clear customs at the port of entry they (UPS) are subject to a $3,000 fine by customs Canada, thus the return to Winnipeg to be brokered. Ah Red Tape is fun! Mark
P.S. UPS did contact me in the beginning & give me the option to deal with the brokerage myself if I wanted.
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