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UPS changes standard brokerage fees as do all the courier co. The brokage fees also include all the duty charges on the item(s) as well & that goes right back to the Govt. they also had to do the shipping & pay all the duty, gst & pst to the govt. & provide all the legal forms along the way to do so such as "Declaration of Orgins" etc etc etc & irreguardless of who ships what, someone will have to broker it for you & you will have to pay for these charges & their brokerage service. Just another reason to buy Canadian when possible, Mark
P.S. its more the Govt. then the couriers, but of course there is $ in it for them too as that is the nature of business afterall.
P.P.S. whats worse is Canada post charging you $5 to charge you gst on an item. $10 item costs $5.70 in tax, 7% gst plus a $5 fee for the form they fill out DOH!
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