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I find it pathetic that they are making movies like this. I hate it when they display different animals as if they were blood-thirsty.

Another problem is the media. I was watching a special on Discovery last night about sharks, and it showed this guy who spends his whole life with sharks, and has only been bitten once because of a colleague's mistake. Anyways, they had stated that there were more shark attacks the year before the media was presenting all of the news of 'horrific' attacks to the public; such as the following:

I know that there are some innocent deaths and injuries from sharks, but it's just like anything else in the world. You're more likely to be in a plane crash than be bitten by a shark.

I think of sharks like bees; if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. If you wave your hands around like an insane idiot, more will come, and something is more likely to happen.

If people keep on going to see these movies in the theatres, the filmmakers will think that we actually like them; therefore, they will make more. The gullable people who are going to see these movies are basically being 'brainwashed' into thinking that Anaconda's are gruesome and horrible creatures. I say that Michael Moore should do a documentary on the REAL and TRUE behaviour of animals.
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