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I hate UPS

Feel like ranting so here it goes......

I f***ing hate UPS! Whenever anything gets shipped from the U.S to Canada it gets stopped at the border and a tax is applied and you have to pay the tax when the item is delivered. I have no problem with that, but what UPS does is because it can take a long time for items to get through the border because of the volume of packages they use a 3rd party broker and pay all the fees upfront to expidate through the border. Then when you get the item you have to pay the taxes plus a fee to them for getting it through the border.

I had a Propertional Thermostat shipped to me from GCS Reptiles, great unit, couldn't find it in Canada cause Grant stopped selling them, so I got it shipped. The declared Value on the item was $150 US, so I got charge $20 in GST and PST at the border fine. But F***ing UPS charged me 40 F***ing dollars in F***king brokrage fees. I mean COME ON! They charge me DOUBLE what the goverment charges to get this item through the border and THEN they don't even give me a choice if I want to have it sent through this brokgrage service or not. They show up at my door and say "Hello sir, please drop your pants and bend over we have a package to deliver". I try to boycot UPS as much as possible but sometimes I forget to tell people not to use them. So here I rant letting everyone know what F***ing pricks UPS is and don't use them. Use any other postal service and you went get bent over for brokrage fees.

Thanks for listening.
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