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I think these kinds of movies are fun. I'm quite sure most people don't believe in everything they see on tv. If they do, well, maybe they're nuts anyways!

I found this review, and it pretty much sums up my feelings on the movie:

Fri, August 27, 2004

Snake Charmer

Anaconda sssssequel is sssssilly, ssssslithery fun

By bruce Kirkland

Hollywood has been exploiting ophidiophobia for 100 years. Sounds esoteric,
but it's a slam-dunk scare. The phobia involves people's irrational fear of
snakes. According to phobia expert Jan Heering, seeing a snake (or even just
thinking about one) can result in these symptoms: Breathlessness, dizziness,
excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, shaking, heart palpitations,
inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad, losing
control, a sensation of detachment from reality or a full-blown anxiety

Jeez, sounds just like what happens to the hapless characters in director
Dwight Little's monster movie Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, a
sort-of sequel to the 1997 movie in which Jon Voight becomes a gastronomic

Overblown and full of nature-science flubs and outright snake lies -- the
biggest whoppers I've ever heard about anacondas -- the new movie is one of
those guilty pleasures that strides boldly along the fine line between
complete crap and cult favourite.

Thanks to the humongous snakes here, all created by computer digital
imaging, Anacondas manages to lean toward cultish. It is a slithering
sensation of silly fun. So we are talking B-movie status here.

Still, thanks to a decent collection of actors -- some of them disposable
enough to feed to the ravenous snakes head-first -- the human part of the
film is delivered with more conviction and panache than in most flicks of
this genre.

The best of the bunch in Anacondas are KaDee Strickland (as the brainy
babe), Johnny Messner (the gruff Bogie-wannabe), Morris Chestnut (the bright
but greedy businessman), Karl Yune (the cucumber-cool sidekick) and Matthew
Marsden (the mad scientist whose English accent mandates just how insane he
will get in an all-American B-movie).

This motley crew ends up in the wilds of Borneo looking for a rare orchid
that is supposed to provide fountain-of-youth benefits. Trouble is, the
region is infested with giant, man-eating anacondas. And this expedition is
abysmally organized.

In real life, of course, green anacondas don't live in Borneo, they don't
get as big as the mega-monsters in the movie and they don't consume humans.

And no expedition would be this ill-equipped.

But let's be honest. Cult movies have little or no relation to real life.
This is not the Discovery Channel. Instead, it's ophidiophobia gone berserk
for the sake of cheap yet hilarious thrills that were bloodless enough to
rank Anacondas as a PG kiddie flick.
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