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It's not going to have effect on the reptile hobby itself, the movie will have effect on your sterotypical 'Girls' (no offense to any non-sterotype girls) the type that giggle a scream and act stupid for their boyfriends. I know personally, these are the type who are like "I can't even watch the previews for anoconda, they are too scary!" and then they ask me stupid questions. It will also have effect on children who don't know better- and, last but not least, it would affect me if my dad or grandma watched it, because they would WANT to believe it, in order to get me out of my newly found reptile hobby! I'm so lucky that at least my mom is supportive of my interest...

Last of all, yes, the movie is stupid, and it's actually pretty pathetic. The first one was done poor. I want to see the second one- so that I can mock it, and laugh, if you want a horror movie, don't get one about snakes unless you know nothing about snakes.

All throughout history, snakes have been feared. Why? Because no one new real facts about them. They would kill good snakes in their barns (good in barns because they eat rodents), in fields (also good for the same reason) and anywhere else they came upon them. People can live side by side with uncaught snakes, and survive. Most just haven't learned how...
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