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well, first off I don't want to gross lots of people out that don't know this but we all eat several bugs a week in our sleep. YUK!! lol

Anyway, for gross things I have consumed (doesn't come close to some of the stuff on here Thank God!), and these are all as a child or by accident.

tapioca pudding (now that is gross!! I don't like to eat something that looks like its staring back at me. lol)
stail peanuts
sour milk
moldie bread
finger nails
cat hair
dog hair
raw chicken (got salmonilla with it too!)
dirt including rocks. ate a mud pie when I was a kid. lol
pee. my god-son peed in my face when I was talking to him and changing his diaper. That was too gross! lol.
I've gotten so many accidental mouths of poo it isn't funny! I guess I'm a sloppy cleaner and it's always splashing with the cloth I"m cleaning with and ends up right on my face and mouth. Grosses me out every time but I still haven't learned to clean slower without slopping the cloth around. lol I've got bird poo, dragon poo, turtle poo, and ferret poo on my face at one point or another.

and after nearly 20 years of not eating meat I went on a diet last year that inclueds meat. It was really gross and weird at first but I have gotten used of pork and chicken. Still can't stomach beef though. EWW! Gags me just thinking of it. And no, it's not because of the animal, I just can't stand the taste.
Well, that's all I can think of right now.
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