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hmm well first step to a by-law change?

Alright a while back I sent an email out to the mayor of Oshawa. Just mostly because I had nothing better to do I wanted to see how he feels about the issue of the city bylaw which prohibits a person to own anything belonging to the boa or python family. Basicly I wrote him an email explaining what the hobbies like and the care that alot of people put into the hobby. I also wrote about how quickly the hobby is expanding and that for the amount of people in it there is very little incident. I also wrote about how desptie many myths that to alot of people in different situations snakes and lizards make very good pets. there was alot of other stuff to but I dont want to bore anyone . Basicly I didnt hear back for about 2 weeks so I just figured my email got deleted. I checked my email today and I had a reply. Now he went on saying how even though he understands its fairly popular to some people he is not very educated on the hobby and how it works being as he only has limited experience from his child hood with gartner snakes that he caught and kept for short periods of time he could not really state more other then what related to his experience. However he did go on to say that if I would like to discuss it I should give him a call or arrange a meeting with him so he can help go through the process of having a change made.

So what do you guys think waste of time? or something to go for?
if there was a beggining of time. What was before it?
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