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Ok, sort of off topic, sort of not. Someone mentioned the sit up sit down thing. I'll never get why woman complain (not all) about having to put it down. You see when a man needs to (god help me for saying this) pee. If he comes in the seat is up he has to bend over and fight gravity to lift the seat all the way into place making sure it is up high enough not to fall back down and break the stream. Now, if he comes in and the seat is already up two things happen, 1st he thanks god that a woman from the household didn't come along and find it up and tare a strip off him for forgetting it up. 2nd, he wonders if in fact another man had been to the house while he was away and forgot it up because he is way too trained to have forgotten it up. Mailman or milkman maybe?
Now, place a woman in the same situation. If she comes in and the seat is down, like it's supposed to be according to them, great! She sits and the rest is well, it doesn't matter moving on. Now, if she comes in and the seat is up, two things happen but only one really needs to. 1st, no matter how bad she has to go, someone gets a blast of you know what. 2nd, she initiates the law of gravity with such little physical effort on her part it's probably not even measurable. She simply with one finger taps the edge of the site and BANG! Down comes the seat and she sits. No bending, no lifting no effort at all. We need to bend and lift they merely need to tap and let gravity do the rest. I ask you how is that fair? Shouldn't we men, the ones who have to put in all the physical effort be the ones losing our minds every time we come in and find the seat down? Gentlemen you'd think so wouldn't you? Well you try and see if you have to sleep on the couch as long as I did.
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