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More corn snakes escape every year, than any other snake.. Cages with "tops" are always the problem, as tops never fit airtight and that's about what you need to keep baby corns in.
If your cage was a tank, they climb up the silcone in aquariums and go around and around lids until they find a 1/8 inch crack and they squeeze under, around, and out.
You need to keep baby corns in rubbermaid shoeboxes or food savers with air tight seals until they get bigger.(with small holes for air of course)
Finding baby corns is very tough. In my experince they neither come to food or heat.. thats more urban myth than reality.
If you find it, it will be along the wall base or in a closet, under junk or in a corner under something almost flat against the floor. If you have unscreened floor vents they somtimes go down there and end up on the heat exchanger of the furnace.. I've dug a couple Pueblan milks out of my furnace, after hearing them rubbing the metal..
Search at night and all corners ,put books or pieces of wood jacked up at one end with a pencil.
They like to find some place to wedge themselves into.Check such hides early morning. It's highly unlikely you'll find it crossing the open floor.
Sometimes putting aluminum foil around the wall will allow you to hear it at night, providing you're in the same room.
They often show up weeks after they escape, so don't lose hope.. Search every night
Best of luck
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