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I don't think size is that much of an issue, while I know he is no retic (even though he thinks otherwise) my 3+ ft Ball Python escaped recently and I tore my room APART looking for him. There's no way he could have gotten out of my room (The first floor is my room and the door is always closed) and there were no holes whatsoever for him to hide in in the walls or anything like that...and still, I didn't find him. I tried ALL the tricks I could find on and from friends (leaving rats out, turning down temps in the house and leaving a heatpad out, dusting the room with flour), and STILL I didn't find him. It was like he evaporated

After three days of looking and worrying and having my sister (who shares my room and doesn't love the idea of a loose snake) nag me constantly, early in the morning he randomly slithered up over my feet while I was getting ready for work... scared the hell out of me, hehe

My advice is to lock up any furry animals you have and wait it out while trying some of the other things mentioned above. He will show up eventually


Good luck finding your snake
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