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I had an Iguana that once went missing for over 3 months.
I left food out for him, but I would NEVER see him come and get it.
I had NO idea where he was hiding.
He wasn't a small iguana either. He was probably over 4 feet with his tail.
Turns out he would stay in a closet where we keep winter jackets and clothes that we weren't using.
Thing is, I looked in the closet like 50 times.
He was hanging by his claws in between jackets in a vertical position.
We never saw the poop on the floor of the closet because it all stuck to the jackets. (gross)
We never saw or heard him once during the time he was missing.
The only thing that let me know he was still alive was that his food was always being eaten.
Just a funny story, but also a reminder to look in the most unlikely places for yer snake.
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