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Darwin Awards

A local adolecent,age 20, recently plotted to fake his own death on tuesday,appearing as a suicide,but surviving,then stealing the life insurence check from his parents,as was stated in his private journal,which investigaters recently found under his bed. It followed that he would make a video of his supposed "death" and leave it somewhere in house. He had setup a very elaborate setup in the basement,consisting of a hand-sharpened chisel nailed to a board,a shotgun,and a thin translucent-fillament net.
Investigators stated that the young man must have been planning to shoot a slug out of the shotgun,and then fall back onto the "spike" he had made himself.

It would seem however,that he had underestimated his own weight.

Upon firing the shotgun,narrowly missing his head,he fell back. The net however,snapped,dropping him onto the spike.

He was found several hours later by his father. Investigators say the spike had ripped through the boy's heart,and he was probably dead within a minute.
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