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There is no favouritsm on this site, if it's a violation of the TOS it gets resolved. Moderators even moderate eachother, believe it or not, whether it be moving a thread, or addressing their behaviour, regardless of what anyone else seems to believe. I've done it to others, and I've had it done to myself.

Originally posted by ib_inked

There should be a forum for OPEN DISCUSSION where mods dont remove anything. That would solve ALL problems.
We do need to have a level of censorship, as this is a family-rated site with many young members. Trevor meant 'sexually'oriented'. As for my post being left intact, I never made mention to anything pornographic, so why would it be affected? All the General Discussion forum is for, is off-topic threads, and threads that don't have a designated forum, so moderating certainly does not defeat any purpose.

Now asides from all that, this thread was created out of courtesy for the community, so nobody is surprised by our new tolerance policy. Again, it has turned in to nothing but complaints. If you guys are so unhappy about the way it is run here, why are you still here? It seems all a good chunk of members like to do anymore is complain about the site and its staff. This is how things work, everything has been carefully decided amongst the team and it is what we feel works best, and if you don't like the way it works, then nobody is forcing you to stay. It's like standing outside in the cold and complaining to everyone you are cold, but you refuse to go somewhere warm. It just doesn't make any sense.

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