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Cat person all the way.

Had a dog a few months ago, but after she killed my cave dwelling ratsnake and then on to try and kill my doves, and eat snake sheds, bracelets and snake food, that dog was gone gone gone.

The other mutts we had pissed all over the carpet, whopeee. Shed all over, caused a great amount of allergies, wrecked things, got in the way, lowered the quality of our life to the point we no longer enjoyed coming home. They were gone gone gone!

Not to say I won't own a dog again, but a small one, that doesn't cause a huge mess and wreck things!

We have three cats. They stay out of our way. Although, they all beg for attention, most hours of the day, they're out of hair. They're as loyal as any dog and will come when called, even when eating.

Dogs you don't even have to try to earn their love, it's already programmed in them to love you whether an a-hole or an angel, but a cat, you gotta earn b/c they don't put up with crap!
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