Thread: Cats or Dogs?
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I love both but I would pick a dog over a cat in a second.
Actually I'm more of a dog person than herp person.
I have an austrailian cattle dog x springer spaniel(Frieda) thats 14 and an 8 year old chocolate lab(Toby). I picked Frieda out of her litter when I was 8, but she had already been picked by someone. Then luckily the person backed out and I ended up with her. Shes adorable and growing up would have been real boring with out her.
I think we are getting either another chocolate or black lab next spring.

I could talk about dogs all day and night but I'll stop boring you all.

Oh yeah I've got an 8 year tortoiseshell cat(Clover aka Chloe) as well. Shes cool... but shes still a cat.
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