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Mykee thats SOOO cool!

About two years ago we did almost the same thing! My female Jack Russell seemed to want some company so I called a private local shelter and asked to come see a few available Jack's they had.

We ended up seeing this ADORABLE extremely old male Jack Russell with no teeth, blind in one eye, one leg almost unmovable, and around 15 years old. His owners just abandoned him because he got old and his needs took to much of their time.

Needless to say he lived here in comfort for a full year. He was an AMAZING dog aside from his disabilities and age problems. When his qaulity of life went down, and I noticed he was no longer able to live a life, we put him to sleep!

Everyone should think about adopting an older dog! Puppies are great but I for one will go with an older dog again one day when we are ready for another!

Tug....resting on only his "good" back leg as always, and winking :P
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The beast that we still have....she is a monster but also my favorite dog ever.
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