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The Full Body Herp Project...

I am so excited! I had a guy come to me yesterday who wanted a price on a tattoo. He told me he wanted something that represented his love for reptiles (how perfect). Now here's the good part...he wants to go full body (cha-ching!) so he has given me full creative control to design a reptile themed body suit. He has only given me a few ideas of what he wants and this is where I need some help. He is a python and monitor man (especially GTP, burmese, and asian water monitors) but I don't have any decent reference pics, if anyone can post some good GTP, burmese, or asian water monitor pics that would be of great help. I will be posting pics of the concept designs when they are completed for your viewing pleasure, and of course I will be posting pics of the entire process on my site (once it is up of course, or on here if I am allowed). I know this post is more tat related than herp but I thought this would be the perfect place to try and get some reference material, so thank you for bearing with me and thank you in advance to anyone who provides some reference pics.

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