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I prefer dogs, and quite honestly, have almost no interest in cats at all. Aside from being allergic to them, their independance as an animal is not my cup of tea. I prefer to love, and be loved by my two favorite girls:
Willow, our 2.5 year old chocolate lab, the love of my life, the greatest dog I've ever owned, by far.

And Kayla, our newest almost 8 year old black lab. We just picked her up for the K-W Humane Society a week ago where she had been turned in by her family because she had developed "expensive allergies". How anyone could turn this sweetheart in at almost 8 years of age, is beyond me. My Tania and I were dropping off some donations at the HS and we decided to take a look at the dogs, as we always do, and Kayla was the only dog not jumping up on the glass and barking when you walked by. She just sat there, completely heartbroken that her family didn't love her anymore. Needless to say, she became the newest member of our family that day. She has settled in nicely and Willow and her get along great. Here is a pic of her in my "Room" checkin' things out.

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