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Herper Game Idea/Suggestions...

Is there anyone here that would play a reptile breeding simulation game? The reason I ask is because I have one in the works (still in the planning/beta stage), I have seen games that simulate dog breeding, fish breeding, etc. But not once have I seen a herp breeding sim. The game I have been working on would have the following features:

- Buy, Breed and sell your herps
- A complete list of pattern and colour variations for each species to choose from
- Ability to produce new variations
- Ability to milk venomous reptiles and sell the venom to research
- and more

The games main focus is on realism. However the aging of your animals will not be too realistic (let's face it no one wants to wait 2-3 years for the animals to be able to breed in a game), however you will still have to wait for them to reach a certain age in game time. You will also be able to update species information so the game stays current. This game would also be educational.

Let me know what you think, and if you think it would be a worthwhile project. All suggestions are welcome.


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