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I was one of those kids that was fascinated by all animals since before I can remember, at age 5 my parents picked me up a pair of turtles. (RES, I still have the male today the female sadly passed away a little more then a year ago) after years with those turtles I became "old Enough" in there opinion too care for another reptile at age 12 I began research on pythons about a month later . I purchased a gecko (leopard) from a local pet shop, ( ha ha ha , parents won the argument of what I should get) paid way too much and it died shortly after of a prolapsed intestine, vet informed me it looked as though it was a defect from birth, that it was only a matter of time before it happened.

In that little guys short life span though I was completely hooked. I even before his death I had begun too read countless piles of information on countless species of reptiles compiling a list of those I would like too own. About a year later in '98 I found an add saying, a local guy had a few species for sale. (corns, kings, burms, and Balls) I had already known LOTS of info on all 4 species and their care so I headed out (with my parents consent) too check them out. I settled on a ball python she was a large female. 4'+ (who I also still have today) . And for the past 6 years my fascination has grown as well as my collection.

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