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My grandfather had a spot in the ditch in front of his house where he would throw rhubarb leaves from the garden. Between that and the rocks and gravel nearby, it was garter heaven. There must have been other species there too but I wouldn't have recognized them at 2 and 3 years old. I remember the colors and sitting in the leafy pile while they slithered around and over me.
There were lots of regular garters but I remember there being very small snakes with a lot of white banding and others with a very reddish pink hue. I have no idea what they were.
They filled in that area with dirt during construction while I was still little, so the rest of the exposure I got was very rare sightings of the large melanistic garter that hung out at the far end of the garden and lots of little normals.

Had a turtle for a while in elementary school, but the little bugger (a RES) got out of his turtle-house-pet-shop-crappy-thing, and traversed the entire main floor, went down the stairs into the laundry room and buried himself under some laundry. Two days later I found him dehydrated and wasn't able to help him

Parents wouldn't let me have any snakes for pets so I was SOL for years, then moved around so much I didn't keep pets. Now I'm settled down and the hobby/lifestyle is firmly entrenched in the household already

Yay Snakes!
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