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When I was a little over a year, my mom and dad had taken me with them to meet someone, no clue where it was, but there was a gift shop- and in the window I saw this stuffed frog (this is a first on this thread, getting started with a stuffed one! lol!) and I insisted on having it (still have it) It wasn't a toddler stage, I loved frogs from there on. When I was 5-9 I caught wild frogs and would keep them for a day or two. Then my niece had these tiny frogs her dad had caught when he went camping, they were sick of them, and so they gave them to me... sadly, I couldn't find out what they would eat, and before I could try more than a few things, they starved. I then had a little aquatic frog, but luck was not with me, and just a couple weeks after it died- this time it was the place I had bought it from that messed me up, they said it didn't need any heating, and it did, being too cold, it starved itself to death (but I didn't find that out for a couple months) I kind of went off herps for a while, only reading about them, and then, about three years ago, some people gave me two leopard geckos, which have been very easy to keep (unlike the frogs >_<) About 8 months ago, I got this thing for snakes, emptied the library, searched the web, and finally chose a breed. And so now, in a little less than a week, I will be bringing home my first snake (a male ball python). And already I am thinking of maybe breeding them in a few years... collect babies for the first three years, and then when they mature start a collection... have to see though.
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