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Hooter, is there any particular reason that you feel the need to continue this childishness??

As written by you in an email to me..

----- Original Message -----
From: gekoz
To: Matt Kameka
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 2:47 AM
Subject: Re: HEY B*TCH

onlything im sorry about is joining ssnakess so even that im not banned i will not be returning so dont worry.
(Just to clarify, this is his reply to an email that I had sent to him which was a reply to the subject line above.. Didn't want people thinking that I would actually send out an email to someone with the subject line 'HEY B*TCH')..

So again, I ask you, why are you still here??? Is it that you have nothing better to do??? Or is it that you truely do not have a life..

WOW, you have 32 posts in under a month, I guess that answers my own question!! Since apparently the amount of posts a person has dictates whether they have a life or not......

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