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I dont think that our market is as "Cheap" as some might think. If you look at k i n g s n a k e .com alot of the animals on there are fairly priced not saying that there isnt the odd low ball but there is nowhere the range there is on our site. Kingsnake classifieds costs money to advertise so the majority of people on there are serious breeders then you turn around and come here and you see leopards for 10 and dragons for 20 because its a bunch of people who breed only to make a quick hundred bucks and dump them all on here for dirt cheap. if it costed money to post it would help establish the serious Breeders from the Quick cash breeders I mean if you look at a 15 year old kid who has 2 dragons and he can sell 20 dragons make his 400 bucks and probably does not have to pay hydro or maybe even for his own crickets and such because his parents do, hes happy as a fly in ****. However if a
serious breeder who bred many of dragons was to do that they would make almost no money and it would become very difficult for the serious breeders to keep good bloodlines and such within thereptile community.
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