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From the Sunday Mail (Adelaide, Australia) 31st May 1998

Fauna export bans to lift

Canberra: The export of Australian Wildlife is expected to be made legal.

A senate committee is set to next month recommend lifting a 30 year old ban on wildlife exports following the failure of anti-smuggling laws to stop the lucrative trade.

In the export firing line are kangaroos, dingoes, possums, snakes and lizards, and sulphur crested cockatoos.

Experts predict a legalised wildlife trade could be worth millions of dollars to Australia.

But angry conservation groups warn Australian natives are unsuitable as pets and could die overseas.

"Many of these animals need specialist care and they would be away from their natural environment," an animal Liberation spokesman said.

Animal welfare groups say Australia must continue to fight the illegal trade, estimated to be worth $400 million a year.

The Woodley committee into commercialization of Australian native wildlife will present its findings on June 23.

However, committee sources said it would bring down a near unanimous recommendation to change Federal wildlife protection Laws.

This would pave the way for farmers and commercial operators to breed and sell wildlife overseas.
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