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WOW, i want to live in BC! If your gas is cheaper than in the states, you are LUCKY. Even with conversion, we are paying over $2.30 a GALLON here in ontario and have for years, and people from the US gripe when it goes over $2.00 a gallon there.

Our cost of living might be less, but as someone else mentioned, we get taxed up the A$S, so we end up making a hellofalot less money.

As for the question about animals, we pay a LOT more for most reptiles up here in Canada simply because if numbers. We do not have the same access to captive bred animals and have to pay more for what we want.

We complain not because we are cheap, but cuz we SEE what the prices are like in the states. I mean really, $300 US for a granite burm..... $600 US for a WOMA!!!! Of course they will sell at those kinda prices, and if we are lucky, buy them if we can get them over the border legit.

The daytona show was the most amazing experience, but it also made it harder to come back home and pay twice as much for the same reptile.

Everything I said refers to captive bred of corse, is there anything else worth owning?

Just my thoughts on this anyway


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