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As for cheap people, I don't know why some people are so cheap. One of my best buddies is REALLY cheap and it bugs the H#LL out of me! lol There is nothing wrong with trying to spend less money but it is usually true that "you get what you pay for".

I would be kind of offended if someone offered me considerably less for an animal if I didn't know them at all. But the "why animals are priced a certain way" debate has a lot to do with that, as does the "people selling for less than others" debate...IMO.

In my mind, if I want an albino ball python but don't have the $3500 (or whatever the going rate may be), then I can't afford that snake. I wouldn't offer the breeder $2500 or even $3000. I might haggle a bit but not by more than 10%. Most of the time, I pay asking price and that's that. I try to live by the "do unto others..." cliché with respect to buying things.
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