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Originally posted by Linds
Really? We've always had show dogs, and anytime we've purchased them the contract has been the same - we cannot spay/neuter the animal, but can only breed it to an animal approved by the breeder. I thought all show dogs were supposed to remain intact, unless they were poor examples of the breed.
Linds, you are right. Show-quality animals can not be sexually altered, otherwise they are forbidden at shows. You can also buy breeding-quality animals that are not show animals (choice of the breeder, however the offspring is worth more if they have titles). Pet-quality is (generally) always on a spay/neuter contract.

This is all semi-new to me, as I am investing in 2 purebred boxers, hopefully to breed when they are older. The rules are immense! As for other animals, I breed hairless rats that I sell with pedigrees, but only a few will have breeding rights. Now, I can't control if the buyer will or won't breed them, but I hope that they will take the time to investigate the pros and cons

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