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People are cheap for their own reasons, I know that I can't afford many of the animals I would like, but I don't bitch and whine. It will just have to wait until a time I can. I know this is often the case with many people, but some are just not willing to put much money in to a reptile for other reasons, possibly because they just do not see it as something of that worth. It was unbelievable the amount of people that would come in the store and not want to soend more than $20. They would complain at a $50 animal. It's pretty crazy. Too many people complain though, instead of jsut respecting the market and its relationship to their situation at the time. If you can't afford it then that is that, and you shouldn't exepct people to lower their prices on that account, or that it means that the animal is all of a sudden overpriced.

Originally posted by Cruciform

What surprises me about the reptile market is I've yet to see a breeder mention a no-offspring contract. People who breed show-dogs, cats, or other mammals will often have you sign a contract saying that you won't breed the animals or sell any accidental offspring, or put a clause in there that requires you to have the animal neutered or spayed in a specific amount of time.
Really? We've always had show dogs, and anytime we've purchased them the contract has been the same - we cannot spay/neuter the animal, but can only breed it to an animal approved by the breeder. I thought all show dogs were supposed to remain intact, unless they were poor examples of the breed.
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