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I'm not sure how the cost of living in Canada is supposed to be less than the US. We pay more for fuel and food, and are taxed more heavily. We pay less for medical out of pocket obviously, but that's just taken out of our paychecks anyway.

Our dollar does not go nearly as far either.

What surprises me about the reptile market is I've yet to see a breeder mention a no-offspring contract. People who breed show-dogs, cats, or other mammals will often have you sign a contract saying that you won't breed the animals or sell any accidental offspring, or put a clause in there that requires you to have the animal neutered or spayed in a specific amount of time.

Since there's no widely accepted system of providing papers and identification yet, it's impractical to implement, but I would not be surprised to see it happen in the coming years and have an impact on the way animals are priced and sold as well.
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