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Jason Is right, Some people like me, got to save a crap load of money for college or other expenses, I Personally get what i want, If i can negotiate for a price that fits my need i will hey i save a few bucks , and just because lets say somone that doesn't have their own website or a well known name average joe that breeds and sells snakes cheap doesn't mean you get what you pay for you have to know what you are buying first and be able to spot anything wrong when people buy corns off me i feed the lil guys infront of them and teach them about them just to make sure they know everything! but If you are going to grab a snake for a cheap price you bteter make sure that the Lil dude is eating, is healthy has no diesiese and you know what you are getting into I would not buy a snake for cheap before looking at the lil guy and making sure hes alright, and i am not down with keeping wild animals, I have paid for herps cheap and got a healthy lil dudes, but you can never be sure! just get your knowlege off the guy or gal you purchase off of before you suport some dude that dont give a sheet about his animals!

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